My question for you is, what is your big WHY?

What’s the purpose behind your business?

Because there’s an enormous amount of research to suggest that it’s easier to succeed in business when you have a purpose bigger than you.

And just for the record, making money is not a purpose. That’s a result of doing great business.

So, what is your big why? Why do you get up each day?

Why do you keep going when the going gets tough?

Because that big WHY will make a huge difference.

Now for me, I’ve been in business for 30 years. We run another business in the mining and resources industry, and I also have a business where I work with entrepreneurs and solopreneurs. My business came about when I was studying for an MBA, and I learned about the staggering number of small business failures.

Honestly, I just could not believe what I was reading. I thought it was a typo, and then I dug a bit deeper and researched it. It’s quite true. An enormous number of small businesses fail within the first five years. That really bothered me. Profoundly. And when I dug a bit deeper, they don’t need to fail. It’s often totally avoidable.

It’s to do with the systems, and the structure, and the management of their business. Everything that the big end of town has in place, across the board.

That gave me an enormous purpose. I was determined to change those statistics, even if it’s one entrepreneur at a time.

So, the big WHY behind my business is to help business owners to succeed. That’s what Push! Business Training and Mentoring is all about. And there are times that it gets really tough, and there are times that I think, “what in the world am I doing? I don’t have to do this.”

And then I look at another shop that’s closed down.

Another café that’s closed down.

And every time, without fail, I think about that family, about those team members. about the fallout.

We almost went bankrupt in 2014, we very nearly lost everything. And honestly, it was terrifying. We had quite a large team. We had family working for us. And you know, it drove me a bit crazy. Or crazier, it depends how you look at it. 😊

But, we managed to turn things around.

We’ve built back up to a very strong, solid, seven figure business. And I know that most businesses can be turned around, and they can succeed.

Entrepreneurs should be doing well. The amount of passion, and effort, and everything. They deserve to do well. And that’s what drives me to help them do well.

So that’s my big WHY. What’s your big WHY?

I’d love to hear.

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