A big thank you to Kevin for welcoming me as a guest on his podcast! Join me on “Wealth Tactic Rebels” Podcast! Listen here for Statistics show that a lot of small businesses fail within the first few years of operation. The reason for this can be due to several factors, but for the majority of people, a system with certain goals for the business is not set in place yet.

Kevin and I discuss how for the amount of effort entrepreneurs put into their business, they should be creating wealth, and this podcast episode is tailored to help people be more successful in their business.

Please click the link above to listen to the whole interview. Click here to read the full article on sharna’s website.



Host of Wealth Tactic Rebels


Over the years of Kevin’s career, he’s questioned traditional thinking all along the way.

What he learned is that common knowledge is not necessarily the best for most people and is often full of holes.

His constant learning and research has led him to know that when you first avoid the losses of your money, rather than just chasing a rate of return, you will have more of it, without having to take on more risk or find that magic investment.

Not to mention you’ll be in a better position of control of your money to better take advantage of that great opportunity (whether it’s an investment, business or whatever) when it comes by.


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