Hello there from Brisbane! 

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and say hello, and ask you if you are waiting for the perfect moment before you actually take action? 

Whether it’s related to joining something, doing something, creating something.  You know, I think we’re all  susceptible to “I’ll wait.” We all put things off, while we wait for that something else to happen.”

“I’ll join the gym… after I’ve lost weight.” or “I’ll join that networking group… once I know more people. I don’t go by myself. “ “I’ll hire a business mentor…  once I’ve made more money, once I have more money.” And of course,  if we can flip that.. When you hire a business mentor, you’re going to make more money. When you go to the gym, you’re going to get in shape. 

We often delay things while we wait for this to happen. But if we did that first we would then. we’d actually get the results that we’re looking for. So when you have X preventing you from doing Y, then you know you’re a little bit stuck. 

Like I said, that internal dialogue, it’s there for most of us. But, when we can actually recognize what it is that we’re saying to ourselves in that loop that we’re getting into, it’s easier to break the loop and take action.  

The saying goes, “Don’t wait for the iron to be hot to strike, make it hot by striking”. So if you take action,  you’ll make that happen. 

“Strike while the iron’s hot.  Well, you can make that iron hot if you strike well with it. So like I said,  it’s something that we all do. I’ve done it myself before. You know, I’ve sat on the fence about things. I’ve delayed them.  

You know, “if only”, “once I’ve got” “when  I’ve done”… A perfect example is my masterclass in the US, which I  love very much. But, I really procrastinated, I would watch and as they’d do the free masterclasses, I’d join them and  I think, “Oh, I’d really like to join… But, when I’ve made some money. That was usually my thing. When I’ve made more money because it was, you know, a big investment. It was five figures, per year. 

And that was before. all the travel costs, accommodation, and everything else that goes with a masterclass in the US. But,  I actually took the leap after a mentor said to me, “You know what,  look back to where you were when you first wanted to join.” Because I’d mentioned to him a few times, “I really like the look  of this one.” And he said, “How much have you progressed by yourself  in those 2 years?” 

You know, it was a bit humbling because the truth of the matter was I hadn’t progressed in the areas that I wanted to. I hadn’t. So for me, that was the tipping point.  I joined, and I’m now in my third year of this particular mastermind and I’m still loving it, and I’m still growing.  And before I renew, that’s the question that  I ask myself. You know, where was I a year ago?  Would I be where I am now if I wasn’t part of that community? Where will  I be in a year if I stay? Where will I be in a year if I leave?  

So, let me ask you the question. Where will your business be in a year? If you’ve got support, and the inside scoop, and the shortcuts, and the brainstorming that you need? So that you don’t get stuck. And you’ve got a road map that actually says okay, move forward. 

This is how you move forward. What will your business look like in a year?  In 6 months? Or even 3 months? What’s going to happen if you do join us in Thrive!? You’re going to get your social media sorted and your digital marketing… You’re going to have that road map. You’re going to have a lot more time.  

So, where will you be in a year? Where will you be in a year if you don’t join? If you don’t do anything? And then my next question is… If you stay doing what you’re doing? I’m going to put the link to Thrive! below and you can take a quick look and see if it’s a fit for you. 

And I hope it is because I’d love to join you on your journey and watch your business grow.  

I’ve learned an enormous amount over the years as I’ve built my business or businesses. And  I’d love to share with you and see your business really grow.  


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