Working with small business owners we often talk about the path to success and the steps you need to take to run your business effectively. There are many steps along the road to success, just as there are many steps along the road to business failure. We don’t wake up one day to a business that is no longer viable, we have followed a path. That path can take a number of forms, but it often includes familiar sign posts.

So today, rather than outline the road to success I will give a few pointers so that you can take a shortcut to business failure.

If you would like to avoid business success I recommend that you do the following:

1. Don’t Have a Business Plan.

Seriously, if you are going to avoid success then you don’t want detailed plans that will map out how your business can succeed.

2. Avoid Having a Clear Business Model That you Understand.

This can be dangerous, if you know your business model you can i
dentify problems quickly and that is only going to lead to success. You’re trying to avoid that remember?

3. Cash Flow – Ignore It!

This could have been number one actually, if you don’t monitor cash flow it can speed up the business failure process. It’s a favourite.

4. Give Planning a Miss. 

Try to avoid all planning where possible, crisis management is a much better option. It will give you the added bonus of exhaustion and stress.

5. Website: Try to Do a Free One Yourself … Or Better Yet – Don’t Have One. 

If you do have one, load it with content and images that have nothing to do with your business products or services.

6. If You Have a Website or Blog; Don’t Update Them.

Old content that is really slow to load is a great way to turn customers off. A good website and blog with quality content is known to build relationships with your customer base. Avoid it!

7. Go it Alone; Talk to Nobody.

All the research tells us that a strong mentor and network to share challenges and issues with you will add a huge amount of weight to your business success.

8. Take Your Sweet Time. 

Time management is vital to being organised and running a successful business. If you forget appointments or commitments you can always let other businesses worry about those pesky would be clients.

9. Ignore Your Team.

We know that an engaged, happy team full of people who share the vision and purpose of your business will increase productivity and in turn the bottom line.

So there you have them, nine great tips to increase your chance of business failure. Of course you always have the option of doing the exact opposite to lead your business to success!