Hello there. I wanted to jump on here and just let you know that I’ve opened the doors to the Thrive! Business Community.

I’m very excited because I know that it will really help small business owners. which is why I do what I do. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that my passion and purpose behind my business is to help small business owners to succeed and to really impact the staggering number of small businesses that fail.

That’s my goal. So, Social media and digital marketing are too powerful to ignore. Thrive is a beautiful community that walks you through step by step, exactly how to do that. How to get your social media and get your email marketing sorted out. As well as building an online community. Basically, building a great audience for your business.

I’ve spoken to hundreds and hundreds of business owners and they all say the same thing; Social media is hard, building an online communities hard. Guess what, it is! I’ve been doing this for a number of years now. It is hard and it can be overwhelming, but it honestly doesn’t need to be.

It just needs a good system and a good strategy that when you work through the process and it works. It took me a while to figure it all out, but I’ve built my online community to over 20,000. My email list is now at 10,000.

I’ve been doing business coaching in the real world for many years now, yet bringing it online, like most people find, it was quite difficult.

I started out not knowing what I was doing and I studied it and studied it and I’ve cracked the code and I’m really happy and really excited to share it with you guys. So that’s what my absolute goal is; to walk that journey with you and to show you exactly how it’s done so that you can grow your business and avoid all the stress and the overwhelm.

Once you get rid of that, of course, you’ve got lots of time available to you. It’s one of the things I love most about my business. It runs like a well-oiled machine and I can get on with growing it or doing other things that I love, like activities with my family and travel, when we had open borders, but all those things, you know, we lose so much time in overwhelm or in trying to find our way.

You need systems and you need processes and you could absolutely do it by yourself. But, if you join the thrive community, you’re going to have a clear roadmap. It’s like trying to plan a trip when you don’t know the way. If you join thrive then suddenly you’ve got a way to do it, you’ve got a community behind you and a business mentor behind you to actually show you what they’ve done, how it works and to make life a whole lot easier for you.

I’m going to put the link to the Thrive! page here and you can just go and have a look and see if it’s a good fit for you. As you know, my entire ethos behind it is to make your life easier, to make success a whole lot more achievable and sooner, for the work that you put in to be able to build that online community.

Because the whole world’s moved online this year and you need to make sure you’re there too. So have a look at the Thrive! page. I’ll pop the link in the comments and I’d love to see you. And then I’d love to walk this path with you.

So I hope you’re having a great week and have an even better weekend take care.