We had an awesome webinar a couple of days ago and there were a number of questions that I didn’t get to.

It was a lovely webinar, I really enjoyed it. Lots of interaction, my favourite kind.

Unfortunately, there were questions that I didn’t get to, and I’m really sorry about that.   I did mention how they were just going so fast, you know, for this old brain to keep up with.

I did say on the webinar that I’ve would go through and I’d answer them all. There were also those that were asked a number of times, so I thought I’d answer them here too. So, for anybody who hasn’t watched the webinar, it was all about repurposing content.

And during the webinar, we opened up the doors to, Thrive! which I’m so excited about.

Thrive! is a business community for small business owners. It’s awesome. We’re going to do masterclasses etc. Anything I can to help you with your business.

So, let’s answer those questions:

1.     How long will we have access to the materials for?

For as long as you are an active member. The materials will be inside the membership. There will be PDFs and other things that you can download, which of course are yours to keep. The masterclasses, tutorials and other materials will remain inside the membership and for as long as you’re active, you will have access.

2.     Will the Coaching Calls be recorded?

Yes, they will be stored inside the membership where you can get access very easily. Somebody asked a couple of times when the coaching calls would be held. I’m intending to have the calls every Tuesday at 11 o’clock, but that’s flexible.

3.     Is the cost in Australian Dollars?

Yes, yes, and yes.

I live in Australia and although most of my online expenses are US dollars. I just don’t like charging us dollars.  I can understand where people come from when they say, “ you know, the platforms I use are all in  US dollars us, and I’m passing that on” I’m not, it’s in Australian dollars.

So, for our American friends, sweet, sweet deal for you. You can have it for 37 Australian dollars a month. I think it’s like 20 bucks or something silly. Five dollars a week. But it will improve. It will.

4.     I don’t understand how to put on other platforms. Can you help with this?

I’m not sure of the question. There will be different tutorials etc. We will look at the different platforms and how you need, different content and a different presence on the different platforms.

5.     Are the sessions online via zoom?

Yes, they are.  I’ll also use Facebook live. I’m trying out a Facebook live via zoom here, because apparently that’s great for interviewing and that sort of thing. So, let’s see how this works.   I have Zoom Pro and Zoom Webinars, all that sort of thing.

6.     How long does the whole course go for?

Twelve months. It’s a twelve-month program.

My idea is that ideally, over the coming twelve months, you’re going to really see a difference. You’re going to gain great strides.

Thrive! begins with a six-week Social Media Strategy course because social media has been the number one thing people say they want help with, and it’s an important part of running an online business. Then we begin the monthly masterclasses, coaching calls etc to get on with list building and all those other things that go with running an online business.

7.     So just to be clear. For $37 a month, we get the course free and 12 months membership.

Yes.  The membership is $37 a month. You do get the Social Media Strategy course over the first six weeks. Then it’s monthly masterclasses, coaching calls, Q and a, that sort of thing

8.     Do we get slides and recordings of the webinar?

No. In a word.  Once inside the membership. Yes. You will have ongoing access to the webinar. But it’s not something that we’re just handing out to the public.

9.     How long does the whole course last for?  Is there a contract?

Thrive! Is designed as a 12-month program, but there is no contract.  If it’s not for you, it’s not for you. You can quit any time, just finish out that month and you’re done.

The first two weeks is completely risk-free. So, if within two weeks you think, this is not for me, then we part as friends as the saying goes, and you get your money back.

10.     Is Thrive! just starting or is it established?

Thrive! is brand spanking new. It’s my new baby. Which is another reason that it’s so reasonable. This is a founding membership price. Obviously, it’s not going to stay that price, but that’s what I’m running it for at the beginning. For those that come in at the ground level and give me feedback so I am able to produce what will really help you.

So, bottom line:

  • You will have ongoing access to all materials while you are a member.
  • All coaching calls will be recorded.
  • We use Zoom, Kajabi, Email and Facebook
  • Yes, it’s Australian dollars.
  • It is ideally a 12 month program
  • $37.00 per month gives you full access
  • You’re not locked into a contract.
  • You do start with a social media strategy course and then it’s monthly masterclasses etc.
  • I think that is all of it.

There you go. If you have any questions you can pop them in the comments or drop me a line.

Enjoy your weekend.

Take care.