I had an interesting thought on my walk yesterday.

I’ve mentioned to you before that a good friend and I message back and forth as we exercise. Well, that was the original intention.

About eight months ago, in a business group Zoom call, we decided to use the Voxer app to chat and support each other as we embarked on a quest to get fitter and stronger.

Eight months on and we still communicate almost daily. We now use Voxer, Facebook and sometimes Email to send things back and forth. Our fitness levels have certainly increased, and we did manage to keep a lid on the blowout of the silly season. So it’s definitely been good for our health.

But what has been so much more valuable, is how our relationship has changed. From a respected business acquaintance who I met in person a few years ago, to a dear friend who shares her life on a daily basis with me, and me with her. We’ve moved on to business challenges, family happenings, life celebrations. We’re now close confidantes.

It’s quite fascinating. And lovely.

I’m here in sunny, humid, hot, Australia, while she’s freezing under a blanket of snow in Ohio. The other day we sent each other a photo, that happened to include a tree. Mine was a burnt and frond drooping palm tree, while hers was a completely leafless deciduous tree bracing itself in the snow.

The difference in our lives has never been more startling. We really are worlds apart. My morning is her nighttime. My summer is her winter. I’m eating salad, she’s eating stew…

Yet our relationship has grown ever closer.

Because we continue to communicate, and we get our message across.

Which is just like business isn’t it?

The reason we build a list, is to build a community that we work with. We buy all the bells, whistles, programs, apps… all with the intention of growing our list. But it’s the consistency. The communication. The increasing depth of the connection.

That’s what’s key.

In eight months, Carolyn and I have gone from friendly acquaintance to dearest friends. That’s what’s possible. Now I know there’s a huge range between where we are, and a new cold contact. But getting closer, deepening the connection, building the relationship. Even a small amount, is going to be better for everyone involved. Especially you and your business.

So don’t worry too much if you don’t have all the bells and whistles.

Just reach out to your audience. More often. That’s my goal now too.

I hope you’re having a fabulous week.

Alison & the Push! Team

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