Don’t waste your money buying ChatGPT prompts.

AI, in particular ChatGPT, is everywhere right now. Which is a good thing, especially for us Entrepreneurs.

I’m definitely what you’d call an early adopter. I’m using ChatGPT on a daily basis, and I’m reading or studying, or sharing everything I can about it. I’m fascinated by how quickly it is spreading. It’s going to be a permanent fixture for sure. With over 100 million users, and more than 9 billion visits to the website in mere months, this is no Clubhouse.

I’ve noticed a huge shift in potential for small business owners who are jumping on board with the latest technology. Especially ChatGPT.

Here’s something else I’ve noticed….  A great deal of ChatGPT Prompt sales.

So many fabulous deals telling you to invest in your business success by grabbing thousands of ChatGPT prompts for just $27… $47… $197 or whatever the price may be.

My advice to you is:


Do not waste your money buying generic ChatGPT prompts, even thousands of them.

I made you a short video to tell you why.

I’ve added a few great ChatGPT tips for you too. Absolutely free.

Here’s to Your Success!