Leaders inspire others, they innovate and they initiate action. They value professional development both in themselves and others. Importantly, they develop and grow leadership in those coming behind them.  For a company to go from strength to strength it needs leaders who support their staff end encourage them to take ownership of their leader within.

Let them know that they do not need to be in a position of authority to be a leader. Equip them with the confidence to step up and the skills to succeed. Invest in programmes designed to increase their knowledge and experience, no matter their position in the organisation.

A standout leadership behaviour that makes a greater impact than position is the ability to see the bigger picture as well as a commitment to working towards getting there. Uniting staff across an organisation and aligning them to the purpose and vision will increase employee engagement and accountability. The benefits of 360 degree leadership in an organisation are enormous both to workplace culture and productivity.

Remember; no matter what your position is, you can develop your leadership skills. Keep your eye on the bigger picture. Be committed to professional development in yourself and others. Step up when you see a task that needs to be done or if a team member needs a hand.

If you are in a position of authority, be sure to develop the leadership skills in your team, no matter how junior their position is. Your business will reap the rewards.

Imagine a workplace where every member of the team was growing as a leader. Success would be almost inevitable.

Excellence, on the other hand, is worth striving for. Like leadership, it begins with the self. As a leader you should be inspiring your team to give their best. If they see you at your best, they will follow your example.

Acknowledging their efforts and appreciating the value of lessons learned when mistakes are made rather than negatively supporting them as they find their way will encourage them to show initiative and go the extra mile. Embracing their individual expression of excellent will do enormous good for your team and for your business.

When you expect excellence rather than demand perfection, you gain the ability to delegate and give your staff the space they need to work to their own highest standards. This freedom will not only benefit the growth and development of your team but also, as a leader, give you more time to focus on the strategic direction of your business.

It’s a perfect situation!