2014.06_The Door to Success Says PUSH!

This is one of my favourite sayings; I use it all the time.

So it was quite natural that I would use it in the title of my book (that was planned long before the book actually saw the light of day) and for our Leadership and Business coaching business.

I first heard the expression from my mother when I was a child. She always taught me and my siblings that there is a solution to every problem; we just need to work hard to find it.

Over the years this expression has really resonated with me, I frequently use it with my own children; so much so that one Christmas it came back to me engraved on a business card holder!

A while ago I researched its origin and found that it was coined in England by the Suffragette’s.

beyond the frame - original push

“It was the 1859 petition to the Royal Academy to admit female students, author Deborah Cherry speaks of the imposition of the doorframe as a synecdoche of opportunity; it at once prevents a woman from entering, but it is the only means available to gain important career advances. Her concept of always pushing “beyond the frame” is literally embodied in a drawing from the International Art Notes journal, entitled, “The door to success is always labelled PUSH“ of 1900 (Deborah Cherry, Beyond the Frame: Feminism and Visual Culture, Britain, 1850–1900)

For most of us success doesn’t miraculously happen overnight, it’s a slow process that takes hard work and vision. The vision is vital, it lets you know where you want to go and the rest comes down to planning and hard work.

In today’s world we need to push if we want to be successful and when times are tough, you have to really Push!

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