has been a crazy busy start to the week with the doors to Ignite – Small Business Success Formula open, but I wanted to take a little time out to share a business tip with you on Strategic Planning and Goal setting.

In business you are always looking ahead, Planning your next move and what Goals are you working toward. One of the best, and simplest, ways to increase the likelihood of success is to take those plans you have in your mind, and turn them into actionable goals … by Writing Them Down.

While it seems very simple, many of us never reach that step. However, there is a great deal of neuroscience based research that tells us that the act of actually writing down our goals (in longhand rather than using a keyboard) makes it much easier for us to recall the information, vastly increasing the likelihood that we will continue working towards achiving it. The next thing to do once you do have those goals written down… Share them. Especially with the people who are important to you and your business. We can sometimes get stuck at this point, we fear the negativity, the criticism , the exposure. And of course, we need to be selective who we are sharing with. But there are many more benefits that come from sharing your plans than keeping them to yourself. We want others to share in the vision and purpose of what we’re doing, they can’t do that if they don’t know. That can also bring about resentment as they feel excluded. Once others know about our plans, they’re likely to hold us accountable, and we’re much more likely to act on them. Once you have written your goals down, keep them where you can see them. Having visual reminders is a great way to stay on the right track, and a good deterrent from those bright shiny objects. Having reminders out in the open is also a great way to keep them at front of mind, and if you have a team, having those plans published and out in the open makes for a great topic of conversation and great team building, they feel included. They are also more likely to take action on plans that are published.