Lots of small business owners tell me they find it really difficult to get  on top of their social media. It’s a real problem and sometimes it feels completely overwhelming.

I totally get it!

For the longest time social media was the bane of my life.

I was on that daily treadmill trying to work out what I could possibly come up with to post on all of the different channels.

It felt like groundhog day, and I wasn’t making much progress. There were times that I found it really overwhelming. What to post? Where to post? How often to post? On and on.

Then, I developed a strategy that laid it all out for me, and almost immediately took most of the angst away.  It made all the difference as I suddenly felt like I was in control.

For the most part, I followed it consistently. Even when I was travelling I made sure I was creating and posting, even if it was in advance and scheduled.

For sure there were times that I stumbled, or things fell really flat. But I soon learned from those stumbles and managed to tweak things and keep going. Over time that strategy took shape and I found things were working and I was getting some traction…

I might even say I was enjoying it. 😊

I have used that strategy to grow a strong following on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (my preferred platforms) and other platforms to a lesser degree.

I want to share those tips and tricks with you so I’m putting each step of the social media strategy into short tips & tricks videos for you.

You can watch the Social Media Tips videos here

The tips are easily implemented so you can use them to grow your online presence, and avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made. 🙂

Just hop on over to my YouTube channel to find the social media tips playlist. (be sure to subscribe while you’re there).

There is a FREE PDF download in the comments of each of the videos.

I’d love to hear how you’re doing with your social media strategy. Comment below on one of the videos.

Here’s to Your Success!

Alison and the Push! Team