I wanted to share something with you.

Yesterday, I had a meeting with a fabulous group that I belonged to and we were talking about my business and a saying came up and it was used in reference to me.

That saying is: “Small hinges can swing big doors.”

I don’t know if you’re familiar with the saying, but what it basically means is that the little things we do can bring about great big changes. I’ve been thinking about it because it’s so true. In our business it’s the small things that we do!

Having the vision and the purpose and everything is fantastic but that “doesn’t get stuff done” as the saying goes. It’s those little things. It’s the posting on social media, it’s the creating great images or writing fabulous emails, all those small tactics.

The actual action steps that we take which can actually lead to great big things as we put them into play and so those little things are so vital, and it’s true they do swing great big doors.

Which is exactly what my membership is all about, it’s about all of those smaller things that we need to do like creating a Facebook ad, creating content, or creating images. There are all sorts, we’ve got an absolute archive in there. I love those smaller things, so yes what they say is quite true.

I like the smaller things because I genuinely do believe that’s how we get stuff done. My mom used to have a saying, “Take care of the pennies, and the pounds will look after themselves.” Similar thing, you get the small stuff done, the big stuff will arrive.

Inside my Thrive! Membership are all those little things that we need to do each and every day. For example, one of the trainings I have inside Thrive is all about repurposing your content. A little bit of a pet thing of mine because entrepreneurs have an absolute goldmine of content that for the most part they’re just not getting the mileage out of.

This training walks you through how to take one piece of content and create a dozen pieces out of it through step-by-step video instruction and checklists, all that sort of things, it’s all in there. The number of people that have done this and then said, “oh my goodness it’s such a game changer.”

Getting on those other platforms has led to new audiences for them or they’ve suddenly put on Pinterest, which they haven’t done before and they’ve made new contacts or joint ventures, or they’ve got on LinkedIn, repurposed there and made new connections and strategic alliances. Or they’ve met new clients, which of course we all want.

So again, that tiny little thing like repurposing your content is opening a great big door or swinging a big door, as the saying goes. When you have those smaller things that you do and you know how to do them, you’re going to get the results that you’re after. I could keep going on. We’ve got trainings on how to set up in Clubhouse, for example, because as entrepreneurs there’re a million things we need to do.

Also, not having the support or know-how can make it so difficult and there is nobody who has succeeded alone. Another great saying is: “Isolation is the killer of dreams.” Every single person who has made it in business has had help and having help with those tactics and those steps can be such a big game changer which is why I established Thrive!.

The goal behind Thrive! is to give you the support, give you the shortcuts, the step-by-step and the hand holding to actually give you the stuff that you need to run your business and save the most important thing.

It’s going to save you financially, without a doubt, but it’s going to save you time because you can’t work on your business when you’re trying to work out how to create content, all of that’s in there for you anyway.

So I do hope that you’ll come in these doors and allow me to help you swing some big doors, it’d be great to see you in there.