Running Your Business is Like Driving a Car…

Take this 3-minute quiz to find out how well yours is traveling

A car can’t go anywhere if the major parts aren’t working

Your business is no different!

  • If you don’t look after the components in your car, it will putter along and eventually stand still.
  • If you have problems in any of the key areas of your business, it can also breakdown
  • You need all key areas working together if your business is to travel in the direction you want it go.
  • When working together, the six key areas will make sure your business is travelling well, not broken down on the side of the road
  • Take a few minutes to do the quiz and see if you are on the road to success

60% of Small Businesses fail within three years, even fewer make it to the ten year mark. 

What can you do to avoid becoming a statistic?

  • Know how each of the key areas of your business functions.
  • Get clarity about where your business is right now, and where exactly you want to to take it
  • Build good systems, a strong cash flow cycle, decent strategy and good people around you
  • Work out where your issues are, before they cause the car to breakdown
About Alison Vidotto

Throughout her professional career, Alison has had to face a vast array of challenges. She has run successful businesses through the Australian 1992 recession, the Global Financial Crisis and Brisbane’s 2011 floods.

Having developed a real world understanding of potential hardships businesses face, Alison firmly believes that a strong foundation and continuous development are essential for a business to survive and grow through tough times.

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