It was such an honour to be the very first guest to be invited back to Jeff’s podcast!
This time we were unpacking the fabulous tool that is and how to use it to your advantage.
Launchy is the the first AI tool exclusively built around Product Launch Formula – so it’s a must listen for entrepreneurs!
Also featured in this episode:
● I discuss my own experience of being a beta-tester for, and how I’m using it to map out launches in a matter of minutes
● My first impressions of, and how I think it compares to ChatGPT (Of course I have plenty to say on this topic!)
● How we’re utilising Launchy to overcome creative blocks and boost productivity!
● How I’m using to refine my business model (as well as how I’m getting creative with Launchy for helping me come up with dad jokes for the Italian – yes really)
… and much more!