I was recently interviewed by Cas McCullough, author of Your Brilliant Un-Career: Women, Entrepreneurship, and Making the Leap. Cas is also the host of Your Brilliant Un-Career Podcast.

Cas asked me about being a mother of six, making the leap from teaching international students to being CEO of Vidotto group, Keynote Leadership speaker and trainer. ACCV also rates a mention.

We discussed:

  • The pros and cons of running a family business and what you need to do to make it work;
  • My belief that we are ALL capable of being great leaders;
  • Authentic leadership shows through in all aspects of life, we’re not a great leader at work but fall down at home or in the community;
  • Authentic leadership is who you are;
  • We all have a responsibility to step up, lead and give back;
  • Being a great leader includes making the tough calls;
  • Leadership is about empowering others.

Cas has a lovely interview style, I really enjoyed chatting with her. It is worth having a listen to, in my humble opinion…

Cas McCullough

Cas McCullough

Author: Your Brilliant Un-Career

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