In this podcast, I join with Rachael Jansen from School Hours Entrepreneurs to discuss the issue of competence vs. confidence. We chat about how it’s the latter that often is the most important ingredient for success!
If you have a little voice inside your head who whispers, “I don’t know enough yet”, or perhaps “I’m not qualified enough to do this for a living”, then this podcast might just help you.

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Rachael Jansen

Rachael Jansen

Founder: Rachael Jansen

Rachael is a journalist, reputation strategist and content consultant, podcast host, speaker, health coach and wellness advocate – as well as a wife and mum-of-two. She also has 20-odd years experience in newspaper writing as a journalist and chief of staff, and became a health coach after studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Rachael says this study enabled her to transform her life, and offer her family healthier choices. In her spare time, she cooks, cleans, coaches and researches.
All in all, she is an extrovert who loves connecting with people.

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