In this episode, Alison Vidotto, the CEO of both Vidotto Group and Push! Business Training and Mentoring attended “Permission to Kick A$$” with Angie Colee.

In Angie’s words “When I asked Alison Vidotto (today’s guest) about a challenge or struggle in her business… man did she DELIVER. I had no idea she’d been through a near-collapse of her family business while simultaneously trying to grow her own personal brand.”

Check out this episode – it’s a fascinating exploration of entrepreneurship and resiliency that will leave you feeling seriously inspired.


Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • The shocking statistic that’s the driving force behind Alison’s mission to help small business
  • When the bottom dropped out… how Alison kept going when her family’s main business lost 80% of its contracts in a matter of weeks
  • The “survival mode” tactic anyone can borrow and adapt for when times get tough
  • She “sold” her husband! The creative way Alison took her family’s business from barely getting by to back on track (even though the industry had practically collapsed)
  • Borrow this “12 million dollar” trick (it won’t cost you a cent) to get clear on your vision for the future while getting closer to your goals

Angie Colee

Angie Colee

Owner of "Permission to Kick Ass"

 Back in 2016, Angie was an “overworked, underpaid, used-and-abused” corporate copywriter. She put my heart and soul into every campaign, raking in millions for the company.

After one particularly humiliating experience (she actually got chewed out for writing an email campaign that generated over $8MM in sales), she’d finally had enough.

She figured if she could make that much money for someone else’s company, she might as well work that hard and make that money for myself. She’d seen the facebook ads about making a living writing from the beach, and I wanted that laidback “passive income” life.

Well, that’s where her journey began…