Happy new year! Let’s welcome 2022. 

I know from my Northern Hemisphere friends it’s still New Year’s Eve but 2022 has arrived here now and I think after a couple of tricky years we had, let’s hope this is going to be a good one. It feels like it’s going to be good, doesn’t it? 

Now I wanted to just quickly chat and ask if you choose a word for the year? It’s been something I’ve done for a number of years. Some people choose three words, some people choose one. I’ve always chosen one, until this year. I have to say I narrowed it down to three and I just couldn’t throw two of them away. So this year 2022, I’m going to have three words. But I’m thinking, it’s our third year in a pandemic, so maybe three words is a good way to go. 

I have to say, I love New Year’s, I’m one of those people who anticipate the year ahead to be a great one and I choose words that I think will really help me to grow. That’s usually my goal.

This year I chose three. 

Now, my first word is STREAMLINE: because both the corporate and the entrepreneurial arm of my business are really growing, and I know how vital it is that I keep things really streamlined if I want them to grow successfully.

If I want us to have a nice life as they’re growing, then I need to make sure that they’re streamlined. So that’s a major focus for me this year, right across the board. Applicable to both businesses to make sure that everything is streamlined and running really well.

My second word is STRONG: and this intention, again, is both personal and professional. Of course I want my business to be strong, but I also want to be strong personally.

In 2021, I was quite ill at one point, which was a bit of a wake up call and also I returned to exercise after far too long a break. There’s a few COVID kilos tossed in there too.

In September, I did a half marathon trek which was quite a challenge, but it was one that I really loved. Now, I have new physical goals that I really want to achieve this year. The intention is, I don’t desperately want to be thin or anything like that. I just want to be strong.

Like with my business, I want it to be strong. Whether I’m here or away or working on something else, I want to know that my business is streamlined and it’s strong.

Finally, my third word is FLUIDITY: I just love it. You know, it gets me really excited. It resonates so deeply, so much so that I’ve named my new mastermind, the “Fluidity Holistic Business Mastermind.”

Fluidity is, you know, being in flow, and having that focus, but also having the resilience to go with whatever’s happening. And my thoughts are, no matter what is thrown at me in 2022, I will flow with that. I will pivot, I will deal with it, I’ll get through it.

So fluidity is all about how we can be in flow, to get into that great place. It’s also how we deal with the change and uncertainty.

We all know there’s been a whole lot of change and uncertainty. I don’t think there’s ever been a time that had as much uncertainty as we do now. Personally, we’ve had huge family events that have been canceled or I’ve been unable to attend.

And the same with that business, we’ve had a number of things happen in our business because of what’s going on globally, so we had to pivot and change. And I think that’s key.

We’ve come out of this second year of the pandemic and with everything that’s going on, we’re doing really well. Personally, there are things that weren’t what we wanted, but we’re in a really good place. 

With this, I think fluidity is the key. It’s the key to actually surviving and thriving those things.

So fluidity is really important to me. I think it’s a great way to adapt and thrive in this world. Move with the changes, while being fully present. I just love that. I think it’s vital.

There you have it, my three words for this year. I’d really love to know what yours are.

Have you selected your words for 2022?

Let me know in the comments, I really do hope it’s a great year for you and your business and that you do really well.

If you’re ready for an amazing year in 2022, I’ve opened up applications for Fluidity Holistic Business Mastermind.  It’s going to be a very small, very exclusive group. There’s a video on the page that tells you a little bit more about it. I’d love to talk to you more about it.

Have a great day and a great year!