The Oxford dictionary describes confidence as: “A feeling of self-assurance arising from an appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.”

Well, as small business owners most of us would agree that there are times that our confidence is a little shaken.

Many of us struggle with our confidence levels, even if we don’t talk about it.

Confidence, or a lack thereof, has been identified as a major issue for female entrepreneurs. Research finds that women in business fear failure and have a lower confidence in their own abilities than men.

Let’s change that!!

I know there have been times where my confidence has dropped, and many successful business women I know say the same thing. So if you’re not feeling as self assured as you would like to be, you’re certainly not alone!

Confidence is a topic that is mentioned so often by the business women I know that I’ve put together this eBook with a number of confidence boosting tips that I personally use.

You can grab your free copy by clicking the link below:

‘You’ve Got This!’

Something worth remembering about self-confidence is that it is a skill we all have the ability to change when it’s in short supply. Feeling unsure about ourselves and our business is not uncommon, and it’s not a fixed state, we can work on it to turn things around.

Another reason I felt the need to put the eBook together is the connection between confidence and business success. When we are dealing with people, their confidence levels tell us that they believe in themselves and their products. It makes it so much easier to trust them. It is the same for our prospective clients.

Our confidence is also reflected in our ability to make strategic decisions, take chances and put ourselves out there in the market place. There is little doubt that confidence has an impact on how well we and our business will do.

Self-confidence is a major asset in our business, and like other important assets, it is worth taking care of.

How confident are you?

Download your free copy of ‘You’ve Got This!’ and take a look.