Your business will never outperform your leadership skills. If you want your business to do well then you need to lead well.

Too often we think of leadership as a position for the chosen few, those who have lots of followers and credentials to match. Not so.

Once you are consciously aware of your role as a leader in the development of a cohesive, strong team you will see a transformation take place, even with the smallest of changes.

Try the following changes to begin with:

1. See Yourself as a Leader.

The fact is, if you are running your own business you are a leader. The question is; how well are you leading? Research has shown us time and again that we are all capable of being a great leader. It comes down to authenticity.

2. Lead By Example.

There is no way you can say one thing, do another and expect to build a strong, committed and focused team. If you would like your employees to be open, honest, positive and engaged, then you know what you need to do.

3. Listen to Your Team Members.

Communication is a two way street. While it is important that you share the vision, purpose and goals of your business it is also worth listening to what your employees have to say. You may well be surprised at the valuable knowledge they have to share. Once you are listening, really listening, your employees will feel valued and appreciated and their contribution is likely to increase.

4. Build Relationships.

We are all aware of the importance of building relationships when it comes to marketing and sales. It is also important when it comes to our employees. They are the greatest asset your business has; get to know them, communicate with them. Build strong, trust based relationships with them.

5. Empower Others.

Your goal in being a successful leader is to build the skills of your team. Delegate and contribute to the professional development of your employees. They will be appreciative and you will be able to focus on the strategy of your business rather than management and administration. It’s a win-win.

6. Take Action.

This may be the most important step of all. Success lies in the implementation. Until we actually put something into practice it is only a theory. Remember that saying about ‘walk your talk?’

Leadership is a dynamic process, we can always grow and improve our leadership skills. We can also change our behaviour to begin the journey to being a great leader. Like most journeys it begins with small steps.

An engaged, highly productive team is one that trusts and believes in their leader. Without such trust and commitment they will never give their best.

It is up to you to develop leadership skills to communicate with and empower your team. It is an important aspect of your business strategy.