There are so many aspects to being a leader, especially within a small business, that it’s often difficult to step past managing tasks and truly lead; we’re responsible for it all.

We have so many distractions, so much to do, and the list is ever growing. So where do we start?

Time Management is the key.

If you want to improve your leadership and management skills (and both are valuable) you need to begin with time management.

When you manage your time wisely, it is so much easier to keep an eye on your big picture (leadership) and to organise and prioritise the many tasks at hand (management).

Each and every day most leaders and managers, whether small business owners or those who are part of a bigger organisation, face a mountain of tasks that must be dealt with. Prioritising your time and chunking down the tasks into manageable chunks will make a huge difference.

Many leaders must also manage the time of employees and other team players. Having the ability to effectively time manage allows everyone, you included, to be more effective day to day.

 Push! has released a free e-book that is full of time management tips and advice to help you along the way.