Leader? Solopreneur? Or both?

Both, is what the answer should be. Because even as a Solopreneur, you are capable of being a great leader.

When it comes to being a successful Solopreneur, there is a definite need for leadership skills.

The other day I was in our office, cleaning out what we call an archive room, when I found a bit of a bonus. A couple of boxes of my book.

Yes, I wrote a book, and had it published back in 2014. It was in all the shops, and it even got a Brag Medallion award, which I’m very proud of. But that’s another story.

With a title like “22 Leadership Fundamentals,” you don’t need to guess what it’s about. Yeah, there’s my creative streak coming out again.

I wrote a leadership book because I believe that we are all capable of being great leaders. It’s not something that’s reserved for CEOs of large corporations, or billionaires with private jets, or influences with thousands of followers. It is something that we have inside, that we can grow and develop.

This became so clear to me during the years that I worked in Vietnam with young blind people. Some of them had been completely, and utterly, isolated for many, many years. But once they were given opportunities, it was amazing how they stepped up. And they led the way. They showed others how to do it too. They displayed great leadership skills as they built a life for themselves.

When you think of successful businesses, and you think of leadership, you may immediately think about the visionaries.

They have a vision, and a purpose that they believe in, and they get others to buy into it. They set real goals, and then they go about making them happen. That’s what leadership is.

Solopreneurs are doing that every day.

Is that what you’re doing? Do you see yourself as a leader?

Think about the people that you deal with.

For starters, you have the most difficult employee of all to lead. That is yourself.

Getting that person to stay on track, and be focused, and diligent, to stick to the goals, and avoid the shiny objects. To stay inspired and motivated.

That takes some skill. Self-leadership is a game changer.

Take a look at the other people that you deal with. Your suppliers, your advisors, your peers. The most important people of all that you are leading, of course, are your buyers.

And your potential buyers.

They are going to buy into your leadership. That’s why they’re going to follow you. That’s why they’re going to buy from you. That’s why they’re going to trust you. All of that comes down to your leadership and it begins with you.

Self-leadership is about knowing yourself, warts and all. And being able to own  and step into it.

It’s a lot easier to have integrity in everything you do when you are transparent, and you are authentic. Both are fundamental to being a leader.

Make no mistake. Even if you don’t have employees, you are leading people.

Or you should be.

Look at all of the people in your orbit, are you following their lead? Or are they following yours?

Who is leading the way?

There’s plenty of room for you to step up and lead.

The big question is, do you?

How strong are your leadership skills?  

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