Sitting down with Jeff, his co-host Chris Saunders and copywriting expert John Holt to talk about my favourite topic – the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) – was just a joy.


We talked all about AI and how it can genuinely benefit your business and the ever-growing impact of AI tools on the world of online entrepreneurship.


We delved deep into some great topics, including:


– The essential AI skill that can transform your business, no matter the tool you choose.

– Why buying a bunch of prompts might not be the best idea (and may well backfire!).

– The art of writing effective prompts. (P.S. Let AI do the heavy lifting for you!)

– My personal “before you go…” prompt that makes ChatGPT a breeze to use.

– How I leverage systems to keep things manageable and stress-free.

– Tips to make ChatGPT sound just like you, crafting content that truly resonates.

– Turning ChatGPT into your virtual assistant, strategist, or any role you need!

– And for my freelancer friends, insights on how to leverage AI to grow without expanding your team.


I genuinely believe that AI, when used correctly, can be a game-changer for us entrepreneurs. And I’m so excited to share these insights with you.


This is a great session that you won’t want to miss!