Hi there!

I want to talk to you about finding your ideal client, and creating content, working with them, building relationships and listening to them. One of the best things that you can do for your ideal client and for that relationship is to know the content that will resonate with them.

One of the best things you can do is to actually interview them.

I cannot stress this enough. When you get to know them, they will share with you. They are very happy to share what they worry about, what their problems are, and what their challenges are, the issues that they’d like dealt with, the things that they’re facing and they’re getting stuck with. And of course, when you know that, you can then come up with the solution to help them.

The bottom line is, we’re all here to help, that’s what a business does. We actually make connections. We use empathy. We get into the conversation with them, we get to know them. What their problems are, and we help them. We help them to solve those problems and of course, they then engage with us in return.

So, ask them what it is that they’re looking for. What need can you fill? What is the biggest problem that they’re facing, or the biggest problem that they’re trying to avoid? That biggest challenge can help you so much when it comes to actually putting together all of your content and your products.

It sounds really simple, but the very best thing you can do is go to your customers and ask them what they need. If you’re interviewing them, they’re going to tell you. My recommendation is to interview at least six.

You go to those ideal clients, or those you would like to be your ideal clients, and take them out for a coffee, or hop on Zoom in today’s world. Just chat, find out about them, tell them what you’re trying to do. When you actually say to people, “I want to come up with things that are going to really help you,” it’s amazing how much they’ll open up.

Ask them which social media platform they like? What sort of content they like to read? What sort of things do they save? What do they download? What will they share with somebody else?

All those sorts of things will make a huge difference, to both you and them.

I have certainly done this in the past. I’ve created a huge amount of content and some of it has just fallen very flat, it’s just dropped off the side of the content cliff, and there it’s floated.

Whereas, when you have great content, and content that resonates, it’s easy to re-purpose it. You can get so much mileage out of it. They then get so much more mileage out of their relationship with you. It’s a winning combination.

So, there’s my tip for today.

Go and interview some of your ideal clients.