So there are two major components to being an entrepreneur that we need to absolutely be on top of, and they are: our inner game, and our outer game.

Now, if you’re not on top of your inner game, you can pretty much guarantee it’s going to impact your outer game, and vice versa.

Hi, I’m Alison Vidotto and I’m here to talk to you about the inner and outer game and how we really need to align both, to make sure that we’re really performing our best.

If you’re not familiar with the term, the inner game is all about what’s going on inside, because we know that’s where all the magic happens. That’s where we create our vision and clarity and our expanding beliefs, which is exactly the opposite of limiting beliefs. So what’s going on in our head is where everything begins, because we start with thoughts.

We ended up taking thoughts and creating actions to make things happen. So if what’s going on inside your head is not positive and it’s not empowering, or it’s not, making great plans for your success, that’s going to show up when it comes to your outer game.

Your outer game is how you run your business. It’s the tactics, the strategies, the procedures.

I do love all of them, but they just don’t come to life if you don’t have a really strong inner game, actually. 

It’s a bit like working ON your business and working IN your business.

When you’re working on your business and on yourself, that’s all your inner game.

It’s what you’re telling yourself. It’s the stories inside your head. Your belief that something’s going to work.

If you’re sort of, “this is never going to work, nobody’s

ever going to buy it”, usually you’re pretty right. I think Henry Ford once said that “If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

Getting on top of your inner game is vital because it’s very easy to learn, tactics and strategies. I love teaching them, because businesses run beautifully with them in place. But if you don’t have those beliefs, and the vision, and the clarity around

the vision, then, it doesn’t matter how many strategies and tactics you’ve got.

You’re going to just keep hitting wall after wall, after wall.

So those beliefs are just absolutely vital. It all begins in your head. There is another saying there for that one too.

“What you think, impacts the decisions you make and they impact the actions you take.” And of course they impact the results that you get. So you need to have that inner game. 

I love teaching all the outer game tactics, there are actually lots of them and they are phenomenal for businesses. There’s a lot of research too, to support that.

The more strategies and procedures you have in place that you follow through and systemize, the more likely you are to succeed. But if your inner game is not performing well, you know, you’re headed for strife, for sure.

And one of the biggest things you can do for both your inner and your outer game, is to look at who is supporting you. Who is your support circle?Because from there you’re going to get insights and feedback, and guidance and direction.

There’s a mountain of research that proves people who have incredible success, have also had strong mentors and support circles that actually helped them gain clarity.

With this, I believe that clarity is one of the biggest things that we need in business.

If we have clarity about our vision and our goals and our direction, we become pretty immune to things like bright shiny objects, and overwhelm, because it’s easy to stay focused.

Also, if you’re surrounded by really good people, then they’re going to help you to maintain that clarity and that perspective.

When you start to veer off, they’re going to help you come back.

Inner clarity is truly vital, so make sure you are clear about your vision and your goals. Make sure that you have perspective on what you’re doing and how that fits in with your bigger goals.

Also, make sure that your beliefs about what you’re doing and where your business is going, are expanding beliefs and not limited beliefs.

But if they are, pull them up.

Ask yourself, why are you believing that? How do you shift that belief?

Always look at your inner game.

Check what’s happening with your inner game.

Check what’s happening with your outer game.

Are you on top of both aspects of your business?

I’d love to hear what you think. Say it in the comments.