I’ve been in business for about 30 years with my husband, who’s also known as “The Italian” and we’re in the Mining and Resources space.

A little bit of background story that’s got us to this point, happened about 12 years ago. Our business in the mining resources space went through explosive growth. So I gave up my job where I was teaching business owners particularly. 

I took over the business full time and the business grew very, very quickly. We had huge projects, a team of 25, and then the industry collapsed.

In 2014 we found ourselves in “digger’s ditch” as the Aussies would say. We were in a world of trouble.

We almost closed our doors, very nearly closed the doors, and lost everything. From there, I spent about a year and a half creating a funnel that would let that business survive, so we could rebuild.

Now, as we did rebuild, the difference that we’ve done this time is that we don’t have a team of 25 anymore.  We actually have higher revenue than we once did, but we have a very small team.

Our business is very heavily systemized. It’s streamlined. It’s automated. And we’ve built a really good entrepreneurial life.

My goal is to share what we know. I’m a business strategist, I have an MBA, and I’ve done the groundwork. And my mission is to share with as many entrepreneurs as I can. So that we do change those numbers because the staggering amount of small businesses that go under really does need to be changed.

I’m on a bit of a mission to change that narrative and to help business owners get their business on track, online, and successful. Anything that I create it is with that in mind.

I work with female entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who are aged 50 plus, they’ve raised a family, they’re passionate about their life, and their business. They love to travel and all those nice things.

I love to travel. The Italian loves to travel. So we will take off and, nobody would know, we weren’t there, because, our business works really well, with minimal input from us. My goal is to help you to do that because your business should be working for you and not the other way around.

Anything that I post here is with that goal in mind. Welcome, and I hope you enjoy reading the content in this space!