I’m naturally very positive, but the challenges lately have been a bit relentless. Haven’t they?
This week I really felt overwhelmed by it all.
Where I live, Brisbane, Australia, is pretty much under water.
The Italian and I have been locked in for a week now, and our sons can’t get home. One is camped out in our city office; the other is staying with a friend in an apartment that’s had no power for a week….
In the big scheme of things, I have little to complain about. Nonetheless, I felt myself succumbing to the waves of despair as I looked around me. Not only at the devastation here locally, but also at events throughout the world.
Two years of a pandemic has also taken a toll. Two years of not seeing immediate family. Two years of working with business owners who struggled with, or succumbed to the relentless weight that they’ve carried.
Looking at wonderful businesses in my street, where only a rooftop was visible above the filthy water. I wonder how they’ll recover. I watched news coverage of the thousands displaced or without power.
I just felt despair.
So, I took some time out, and I rested… and I reflected and thought.
I thought about what I could do to help. I’ve managed despair in the past. I know the answer to despair is to ‘Do Something!’
As I am writing this to you a wild thunderstorm is making itself heard. They’re predicting more flooding. I feel concerned about how this will impact people. But the despair I felt earlier has left…
Because I have a plan.
We had major floods in 2011. We got through it. We’re two years into a pandemic. We’re getting through it. Our city is flooded again. We’ll get through it.
We’ll get through it by taking action. That’s what us entrepreneurs do.
I’ve been thinking about ways to do that. Locally, I’m going to reach out to business owners who are impacted by the floods and I’m going to give annual scholarships to a few of them. Globally I have an idea of how I can help there, I’ll keep you posted on that one as it unfolds… because I’ll be inviting you to join me.
For now. I hope you’re doing okay and rising above whatever challenges you’re facing where you are.
I hope you know you’re not alone.
Seriously, when entrepreneurs work together, magic happens. So hit the comment section below and let me know what’s happening in your world, and how you’re doing.
You’re not isolated. You’re not alone.
I look forward to hearing from you.