Well, it’s been a little minute. I’ve had a couple of weeks where I stepped away from the videos, because there’s been so much going on.

First and foremost, my baby had a baby.

My daughter, who’s my youngest, had a beautiful baby boy a couple of weeks ago. So I took a bit of time to immerse myself in the joy of it all.

It’s just been wonderful.

I’ve been working too. I’ve done 8 all nighters in the past few weeks. Including a presentation I did on ‘ChatGPT for Entrepreneurs’ to Jeff Walker’s community in the USA.

The response was so surprising to me.

Right now, I’m focussed on taking driven entrepreneurs from beginner to pro with ChatGPT, so that they can actually start utilising it see to real business growth. You can find out more about how I’m doing this in today’s short video.

You can sign up for my upcoming FREE ChatGPT training right here.  

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