Happy New Year!

I hope 2023 is a great year for you and your business. And I hope you managed to get some real down time over the break.

Maybe you’re still on break? If so, I  hope it’s going really well for you.

For me, well, I ended up having a full week away from my business. I think it’s a first. I didn’t even venture near my computer. Unheard of.

It was fabulous!

I managed to truly immerse myself in family time. With absolute focus on who and what was in front of me. After years of closed borders that meant we couldn’t be together, it was a really special Christmas.

I also enjoyed having time to reflect, journal, and think about the year ahead.

I’m excited for it.

I have so many plans, right across the board. Business, Personal, Relationships… you name it.

I have BIG plans.

One thing I did take my sweet time on this year was coming up with a word to focus on throughout 2023.

I needed a word that would help me achieve those big goals, in each aspect of my life. It took me a while, but I’m really pleased with my final choice.

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