Most of us entrepreneurs think about stories when it comes to marketing our business. There are so many books, courses, articles that stress how important it is for us to get our stories straight. We know how story will help us with our messaging, with our programs and launches.

A solid business story is important. But it’s not key to your success. There is another story that is a key indicator of whether or not you will succeed.

That is your inner story. Your narrative.

While we’re inundated with offers to improve our business stories, we don’t hear so much about the story that goes on internally.

We should. It’s so powerful, and it impacts our business, and our life, in such a BIG way.

I began shifting my own inner narrative a couple of years ago, when I began working with Dr. Julie Helmrich, who is an expert on narrative, and she’s also amazing with entrepreneurs.

I was delighted to interview Dr. Julie for the Thrive! Membership, but honestly, this topic is so important, and such incredible value, that I want to share it far and wide with entrepreneurs.PS: I first began working on narrative with Dr. Julie Helmrich when I attended her Story Camp weekend. She will be running it again October 28/29/30.

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