As a leading author, speaker and coach in the personal development field Brian Tracy is very successful. His message transforms lives as those who follow his advice make life changing decisions to gain control over themselves and their productivity.

In ‘Eat That Frog’ Brian Tracy gives us 21 solutions to avoid procrastination and be more productive.

We are all capable of procrastinating, it’s very easy in the digital age; social media, mobile phones, the list goes on. For me it’s news sites and blogs, I can wile away the time while my article or business plan sits waiting for attention.

Eating a frog is an interesting metaphor, it comes from the Mark Twain quote. I don’t think there are too many of us that relish the idea of starting the day eating a frog, it sounds revolting! The idea is to deal with the most challenging task first then everything else seems like a pleasant task, just as most things we eat would be pleasant after digesting a frog to start the day.

A quick run down of the 21 ways he suggests to stop procrastinating:
1. Set the table;
2. Plan every day in advance;
3. Apply the 80/20 rule to everything;
4. Consider the consequences;
5. Practice creative procrastination;
6. Use the ABCDE method continually;
7. Focus on key result areas;
8. Apply the law of three;
9. Prepare thoroughly before you begin;
10. Take it one oil barrel at a time;
11. Upgrade your key skills;
12. Leverage your special talents;
13. Identify your key constraints;
14. Put the pressure on yourself;
15. Maximize your personal powers;
16. Motivate yourself in to action;
17. Get out of technological time sinks;
18. Slice and dice the task;
19. Create large chunks of time;
20. Develop a sense of urgency;
21. Single hand every task.