Hello! A number of people have asked me what happened to my book reviews and why I haven’t been doing them. I’m always going here, so I’m going to, and I really should because they rank very well on my website, according to Google analytics and all of that. And I do love to read.

 So it’s not that I haven’t been reading, I just haven’t been doing the book reviews.

So I keep saying, yes, I will, yes, I will. And so I will endeavor to do more, I promise.

And I think the best, best book that I could review to get back on track with my book reviews would be:

“Launch” by Jeff Walker. 

It’s a great book and I have to say, I have a couple of hard copies. I have the previous edition, I’ve got the Kindle version and I’ve got the audio version. So it’s a great book and I really do love it.

It’s put me on a completely different path. I first read “Launch” edition one, I think 2017 or 2018, and my business was recovering from a near-death experience basically. Then I came across the book and there’s just so much about it that is great. And like I said, it led me on a completely different path. 

I read the book “Launch” and I then bought the course and years on, I’m very much part of the “Launch” world.

So it’s an amazing book for entrepreneurs and, you know, Jeff Walker himself, apart from being a genius, he’s humble and authentic, he’s very generous with his knowledge and basically what this one man has done is he transformed how we sell. I’m not a “rah rah pitch pitch” sort of person, so it really resonated with me.

It actually showed me how I can sell without being a salesperson, because I don’t want to be a salesperson.

So it’s a really great process, his product is actually called “Product Launch Formula.” 

And I bought the book and then I went on to buy the products and other things, which I’ll tell you about another time. 

But the book, I just combed through it, and then I combed through it again and I had tabs sticking out everywhere and, it’s a great way for entrepreneurs to actually build their business online because I think so many of us are great at what we do. We’re getting into our zone of genius or what we’re really passionate about, but we don’t actually think about having to sell it.

And this shows you, step-by-step, the formula that Jeff created,  to get your product and actually launch it out there. Even selling it before you’ve built it,  he calls that a seed launch. So he’ll walk you through, to where you’ve got a product idea, and you’re not sure if it’s going to work, he’ll show you exactly how to do that.

It really is a fabulous book. So they call that the “Seed Launch,” where you sell it and you build it with the group of people you sold it to. And it’s also great for people who’ve been in business for years and they’ve got a solid product, but they just haven’t been able to get it out there, particularly online.

And this second book, I bought it before it was released, because I just get so much value out of Jeff’s work.

And then it was gifted to me and then I bought the audio so I can listen while I’m walking and all the rest of it.

And it’s still an amazing listen like some great books are, you know, that you can read over and over again.

But this one also was using social media to launch, which of course speaks very close to my heart, by doing live launches, so he’ll show you how to actually do that. And of course, using paid traffic.

 Personally, I believe in the online space we have to pay to play, how it’s going to work. Only very few people can build a huge business online because of the algorithm and you need to pay. That’s another story, another video for another day, but this book honestly is a blueprint for how to launch a business online.

He covers things like how to build your email list, because of course, without an email list, it’s very difficult to have a great online business.

Like I said, the Seed Launches, he shows you how to use mental triggers and the psychology that applies when you are selling online. How to present yourself as an authority, because of course, we’re going to buy from somebody that we trust and we trust their ability.

How to use scarcity, since that’s another real mental trigger for actually selling a product, right through to joint venture launches and how to actually go through the whole process with somebody else. 

So, like I said, the latest book has got enough added to it, then it is great value. Even for somebody who’s devoured the first book, which I would definitely qualify for that.

 So like I said, “Launch” is a great book. It’s going to walk you step by step through how to actually get your products out there, how to use stories and it shows you how to sell. Basically the way that Jeff does, which is, from a place of integrity, using authenticity and using humility. 

You know, people who use PLF (Product Launch Formula), there’s more than a billion dollars in sales with a beat. So it’s enormously successful and it’s a great way to run your business and to build online.

I highly highly recommend it. So do yourself a favor, grab “Launch” by Jeff Walker.