There are many aspects to being a leader; taking responsibility, leading by example, showing authenticity, integrity, honesty and so much more. When we want others to follow us and share our vision and mission we have to engage them. How do we do that? By knowing our purpose and sharing it with each and every member of our team.

Purpose is the reason we do what we do, it’s why our business exists. Making money is not a purpose, it’s a result of doing good business but it’s not why we are in business.

Knowing your purpose makes the roller coaster ride of running a business or managing a team so much easier. Even when the valleys are steep your purpose will keep you on track. It’s the reason you can face the economic or competitive challenges thrown your way. It’s the reason you can keep going when things seem hopeless. It’s the reason you keep working seven days a week, determined to make it work.

It’s also the reason your team will be there right along with you.

Running your business with purpose gives you the clarity you need to see where you are going and the courage to change the pace and direction when you need to. Strategic Leadership that is built on purpose will give you long term success because you will have clarity about how you will impact tomorrow’s success when making today’s decisions.

Working with small businesses and watching them find their purpose and applying that to turn their business around or to accelerate their success is so energizing for them, and so satisfying for us. The penny drops, the panic recedes and they sit up straight with a renewed sense of vigour. They are now on a mission with purpose.

Leading with purpose is not about taking the easy option. It’s definitely not the easy path, but it is certainly the right path.