Alison Vidotto MBA

Business Mentor and Strategist

Alison’s goal is to help other small business owners to realise long term success through business training and mentoring.

I attribute a great deal of the growth of my business  to the leadership and business training I have received from Alison”           Kelly Wilson (Edge MakeUp)

Alison Vidotto – My Story

CEO of Vidotto Group and Push! training, business trainer & business mentor,  published author, professional speaker, founder of the Australian Charity for the Children of Vietnam (ACCV) and a mother of six. Alison’s goal is to help other small business owners to realise long term success through business training and mentoring.

Alison speaks passionately on a range of topics based on real life experience; running a small business, business training programs and her award winning book; 22 Leadership Fundamentals.

Alison shares the business and leadership skills she has used to raise a close family, be a strong member of the community, build a successful business, and to run an international charity. Alison contributes articles on business and leadership to various publications.

Alison has successfully run a number of businesses for over twenty five years. Navigating the path through a recession, floods, GFC and a global downturn in the mining & resources industry.

Alison has served as a business mentor via Push! Business Training, Australian Institute of Management and QUT Fostering Executive Women (FEW) in business.

“Alison’s professional abilities as a mentor and trainer have provided me with the solutions to begin accomplishing my goals. Alison has challenged me to think beyond the square and because of this I am now constantly looking at how I can improve my business for myself but more importantly for my clients. As a leader, mentor and trainer Alison always has integrity and honesty”   Ann Wilson  Post Press Publishing

Why Work With Me?

Business Review Australia reported that small businesses that have an experienced mentor will survive at twice the rate of those who don’t.

Unfortunately they also report that 42% of small business owners never engage a mentor.

Having someone there with knowledge and experience, someone who has your back, can make everything so much easier for you and your business.

I’m extremely passionate about mentoring entrepreneurs. Far too many face the challenges of running a business in isolation. There is little doubt that having a mentor can significantly increase the likelihood of success for a business owner. No business owner should feel alone.

Qualifications & Awards



  • Cambridge CELTA
  • Masters of Applied Linguistics
  • Masters of Business Administration – Australian Institute of Business
  • Advanced leadership program – Australian School of Applied Management


  • Founder and Director of an International Charity
  • Head Teacher at International Institute of Australia
  • Director of Push! Small Business Training and Mentoring
  • CEO of VidottoGroup


  • B.R.A.G. Medallion for “22 Leadership Fundaments”
  • AIM Excellence Awards: Owner Manager – Finalist
  • Stevie Award: Organisation of the Year – Silver 
  • Stevie Award: Woman Helping Woman Category – Gold


Alison is an award winning self published author. Her book “22 Leadership Fundamentals” won a B.R.A.G. medallion.

22 Leadership Fundamentals

22 Leadership Fundamentals shares the leadership skills used by Alison to raise a close family, be a strong member of the community, build and run a successful business, and run an international charity.

The road Alison traveled has taught her, often the hard way, the skills needed to become a strong leader, the importance of stepping up and the determination to never give up. The Door to Success says Push!



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Level 8 / 371 Queen Street
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, 4000

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