Let’s talk about one of the top mistakes entrepreneurs make when it comes to their social media. And that mistake is they hang out on the wrong platform.

Hi, I’m Alison Vidotto from Push Business Training and Mentoring.

I want to talk to you about platforms because as a business owner, I see many  business owners immediately think that they need to get on Facebook because it’s the biggest, but biggest is not always best.

If that’s not where your perfect fit clients are, it’s not where you want to be building an audience, it’s not where you want to be spending your time and money and resources. You need to make sure you’re on the platform where your audience is waiting for you.

About 10 years ago, I started using social media for our business, it was early 2011. Now I have two arms to my business, one is in mining and resources and the other one of course is working with entrepreneurs.

For the other arm of my business in 2011, we set up a Facebook page and a Facebook group and we shared white papers and articles and quotes, joined the engineering association group and we reached out to people, we posted at the right time and we checked different schedules.

But after a few months we had a look at our growth and it was pathetic, it’s the best word for it.

Five months on we had about 77 followers, it was really woeful, considering that we were putting in a lot of work each day.

One day I said to my husband, who’s also my business partner:  “You know, I really think we should be on LinkedIn. I’m going to build your profile on LinkedIn.”

He’s an engineer, so he’s not terribly thrilled about anything social media, but off we went. I put together a profile on LinkedIn, updated it, went through what you needed to do for a LinkedIn profile and hand on heart, within a couple of days, there was myself and two of our team members online accepting his contact requests.

In no time, we had thousands of contact requests because we were at the right place. We were on the right platform.

I often see this happen where businesses are really pushing, Facebook, particularly uphill.

Because there’s billions of people there, it’s got to work for me. But you may well find that there’s another platform that works better for you. And the best way you can do that of course, is to talk to your perfect fit clients and ask them where they like to spend their time for business.

Most people are on Facebook, but oftentimes it’s just to connect with family and friends, or to share photos. They’re not looking for anything business, they’re not going into business groups. They do all of that on LinkedIn, or on Instagram, or on YouTube or Twitter.

It’s really important, you know which of the platforms actually resonate with your ideal clients, you perfect fit clients or your avatar.  Whatever you want to call them, you want to be where they are.

So that’s one of the biggest mistakes that I see business owners make, and of course there are other mistakes to be made or to avoid depending how you look at it.

There are also a number of things that you can do, right. And there are five steps in particular, that you need to cover to make sure you master social media.

I have a workshop that I will walk you through each of them. Even if you’re brand new, this workshop will really help you to set up your social media so that it’s working well for you and it’s generating leads and it’s helping you to build a great business.

So I’ll put the link to the workshop in the comments. It’s absolutely free, and I’d really love to see you there. 

Have an amazing week!