We all know that social media is just a vital part of any business.

Now the world’s moved online we need to make sure that we’re online with our business to. Digital marketing is just a key factor to any part of business growth or success.

Today i’m going to talk about four particular ways you can generate leads for your online business

Hi, I’m alison Vidotto from Push! Business Training and Mentoring

So, there are four particular avenues that we can generate leads and bring them to our business.

Number one is “Owned Traffic”
We call it “Owned Traffic” and that’s where you get to leverage because you own it. So it can be your blog or your website or the absolute golden jewel in the crown of any online business and that’s your email list.

Because you own it, it doesn’t matter what happens to you, your own traffic is not going to go away from you. That’s why we should always be list building!

So number one owned.

Number two is “Earned Media” or “Earned Traffic”
That’s where people refer to us or they either refer customers to us or they share our content.

It’s like social proof for your media. Are those connections that you, are there instances where influencers comment on your posts? All that sort of thing.

Your profile is raised by others so it offers you social proof. That’s earned.

Number three is “Rented”
This is the big one that I really wanted to talk to you about because people often get a bit confused with this.

You can have a hundred thousand followers on Facebook or YouTube or LinkedIn or where ever it is that you hang out and your audience hangs out, but, it’s rented: you don’t own that list of followers.

You don’t own that space you have on that platform, you rent it, and like any rental situation, you have a landlord and the landlord can change the rules at any moment, and they often do!

I think we all know people who’ve had huge followings on YouTube, or on Facebook particularly, and all of a sudden their accounts closed and they’ve lost the lot.

I‘ve personally known people this has happened to where they’ve had like 70,000 followers or even 200,000 followers, and their account has suddenly disappeared. Now one of them in particular could never get that account back! They didn’t have contact details for those 75,000 people. It was very devastating, and right before a launch!

So to reiterate, it’s rented, you don’t own it and you can get evicted anytime so the goal there is to get them off the rental platform and on to the owned traffic.

That’s why with social media, for example, we have lead magnets and things that we put out to get their email list. So they get the free download and then they’re on our email list so we’ve taken them from a rented medium to an owned and that’s always the goal you want.

Number four is “Paid Traffic”
This is the other way that we
generate leads and bring them to us and that is to pay for advertisements such as Facebook & YouTube ads, Google ads, you name it!

I’m of the belief that if you want to move things along quickly you need to “pay to play”.

I’ve done exercises inside the Thrive! membership where I’ve shown posts I’ve had that have had an organic reach of 110. I’ve put some money behind that same post and we’ve got 11,000 reach! So it makes a huge difference.

I’ve built my list of like 17-18,000 over the past couple of years purely with Facebook ads and getting people off Facebook and onto my own list.

So paid traffic is viable and it’s certainly an option that most online businesses do pursue, and again, it’s a way for you to build that owned platform because that’s the go!

So there you go your four um four avenues of traffic to bring people along that customer journey

  • Number one “owned”
  • Number two is “earned”
  • Number three is “rented”
  • Number four is “paid”

Just a reminder, number one is golden egg!