A big thank you to Jennifer Gale for welcoming me as a guest on her podcast! Join me on the Fit’n Fifity + Podcast! Listen here for an exploration of adventure, reflections on life and how to live it well.

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Jennifer Gale

Jennifer Gale

Owner: Fit N Fifty +

Fit N Fifty Plus is the brainchild of Jennifer Gale. Jennifer is definitely over 50 and has a passion for helping other women find good health and fitness so they can feel fabulous and fully participate in their lives.

Jennifer has had a long career in public health starting as a registered nurse with Intensive Care and Coronary Care qualifications and moving through to be a Hospital Chief Executive.

She decided at the age of 50 to become an amateur triathlete but to do that she had to learn to ride and swim.

Jennifer has a Masters of Science, is an accomplished international speaker, researcher, certified wellness coach and the author of an  “Fit Fab and Fifty Plus: Your Guide To Living Actively for The Rest of Your Life .”