22 Leadership Fundamentals

It’s never too late to be the leader you were born to be!

22 Leadership Fundamentals shares the leadership skills used by Alison to raise a close family, be a strong member of the community, build and run a successful business, and run an international charity.

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Chapter 1 – Definition of Leadership

“A leader is one who knows the way,
goes the way, and shows the way.”

John Maxwell

Born leaders are very rare. There are those people who are naturally extroverted and who will step up and take charge, but how long does that last? Can they follow through, do the hard yards and take the team where they need to go? Not always. To develop and maintain a trust based leadership role where others choose to follow and support you as a leader, a specific set of skills is required.

Over the years I have lost count of the leadership books I have read and the courses and seminars I have attended on the subject. Yet the common threads that I have observed are basic fundamental leadership behaviours that resonate with me.

True leaders have integrity and values that are present in their personal and business life as well as in their interactions within the wider community.

Leadership Styles
There are many styles of leadership, from the Autocratic leader who is completely in charge and consults no one when making a
decision, to the Laissez-faire leader who lets the team make the decisions and who barely gets involved. There is a whole range
of styles in between. While there is no magic formula to being a successful leader there are many tools to develop the leadership skills within all of us.

Transformational leadership in my opinion is the best style of leadership to take your team to where you need to go. Transformational leadership is based on integrity and communication; a transformational leader will share the vision and purpose and will inspire and motivate the team to be fully

Overview & Preview

23 Chapters

320 Pages

Alison is a successful businesswoman with an MBA, speaker and trainer, the founder and director of an international charity that supports over 200 families living in poverty in Vietnam and a mother of six.

With focus and determination Alison developed the leadership skills necessary to raise a strong, close family, build a business from scratch and to single handedly develop an English language and IT program for young blind students to escape a future with no potential.

The road Alison traveled has taught her, often the hard way, the skills needed to become a strong leader, the importance of stepping up and the determination to never give up. The Door to Success says Push!

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Alison has a special way of articulating these concepts of leadership that makes it so accessible. It does not matter where you are at now - you can apply these fundamentals and Alison shows the way with down to earth examples

Wan T

I have enjoyed reading the 22 Leadership Fundamentals. It is succinct and easy to read. There are so many tips and ideas. I often found myself looking off into the distance mulling ideas around in my head. Just to implement 10% of this book will make me a much better leader. Thanks Alison.


This book was extremely enjoyable and very easy to read. I found myself captivated by the authors own personal stories, I wanted to learn more about her and the charity she founded. The reflection questions at the end of each chapter are a great tool and have helped me realise what changes I need to implement in my own small business. This is the type of book I will be reading again, inspiring!


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