Today I’d like to have a very quick chat to you about strategies for repurposing content.

We all put a lot of thought and effort into creating our content.

So we really do want to get the most mileage we can out of it, and re-purposing is a great way to do that. So if you’re not familiar with the term re-purposing, the Oxford dictionary describes it perfectly.

So, re-purposing simply means to change something slightly in order to make it suitable for a new purpose. So that’s what we do,
we continually re purpose and share it around. Let me share with you what I do to get the most out of the blog articles that I write.

So, I’ll begin by writing an article, and that might be, you know,
500 – 700 words, or in that vicinity. And once that’s been proof read by someone in my team, we will usually produce an image to go with it. Canva is a great tool for producing images. There is a free version available, and it’s very user friendly. When you’re producing your images, remember to be consistent with your branding.

We have a particular image and style with the same fonts for
everything that might go to Facebook. We have another style of image and another type of font that we use for say, LinkedIn
Or we’ll have another one again that’s for medium.

So for each of the platforms, because they are for different audiences, we will cater and brand consistently, to suit that platform. So once we have the blog article proofed and an image to go with that, we will pop that on the website.

That’s the first place that we will put it, and then we’ll take a portion of that, or sometimes all of it and with the new image will post that on linkedin. Then we do exactly the same with
medium and that gets it out there. One of the most powerful things that you can do with your blog content is to share it with your community.

Set up an e mail and either discuss the blog article briefly, with a link back to it, or simply share the first paragraph with “to continue reading” link back. It’s a great way to keep in touch with your community and share everything with them, your updates.

So, we’ll go through and we’ll produce different images and then what we’ll do is we’ll even go back and we’ll share on Facebook.
We’ll share in the Facebook group we’ll make up new images, and we’ll pull quotes out of the article and share that across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram with nice, attractive quotes.

Then the other thing we’ll do is we’ll go through it and we’ll pull out between four and six points. Key points, particularly if they’re relevant for small business owners, and they’re really useful. We’ll take those 4 to 6 points and we’ll make an infographic and we’ll post that infographic on Pinterest again, that’s branded it’s in our colours and our style and, we’re really consistent with that our logos and the font that we like all that sort of thing.

Try and be really consistent so you can recognise it as your work across the different platforms and then of course, there’s another thing that you can do, and I tend to do is I’ll go through and I’ll have a look at different blog articles I’ve written. I’ve written hundreds, over the past, however many years, because I not only write for my own website, but I’ve written for many other publications too.

So I’ll go back over, we keep an index of all of them and and I have a look at those topics and then I’ll re-purpose them and take the general gist and I’ll produce a video, something like this. And then I might make a Facebook live. Then I’ll download it, and I’ll put that on YouTube as well. If you have a podcast, you can always make an episode of a podcast out of it. That’s something i keep saying i’ll do. So it goes on and on.
I think I just shared, you know, maybe 10 points with you, that you can actually utilise your blog post for.

#1 – your website (post on your blog)
#2 – Facebook page
#3 – Facebook group
#4 – Your email
#5 – Linkedin
#6 – Twitter
#7 – Medium
#8 – Instagram
#9 – Pintrest
#10 – On to video podcast, and all the rest of it

So really do get the most out of that fabulous content that you’re putting together. So, tell me how you share yours and give me some tips because I’m always open for more tips. I hope you’re having a great day.

Enjoy the rest of it.

Take care. Thank you.